Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

The nasty weather didn't stop our pumpkin carving plans yesterday! Bethany and Jonas are the neatest pumpkin carvers I know. Hardly any clean up required! By the way, the bottom left picture is Bethany's "scary" face.

Halloween Preview

Last weekend we were in Columbus for the big Penn State game. It didn't end the way we wanted, but we enjoyed our fellowship with the Tree people, as I call them. We also had a failed attempt at Trunk-or-Treating, which is ok, because it means you get to finally see my girls dressed up! Check out Mommy Bear and Baby Bear. (Papa Bear was back home in Buffalo!)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Faces of Rebekah

Rebekah's starting to get very into Bethany's toys. Bethany's usually pretty good about it, and will allow her to have one block (out of goodness knows how many). But, she's quick to take it back when Rebekah tries to put it in her mouth!

Open Doors

We took advantage of Doors Open Niagara to spend some time at our botanical gardens. Surprisingly, I've never been there before. We caught the Mum Festival, too, so there were lots of bright flowers to see! We'll definitely be visiting again.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Love the Library

Three cheers for new library books! This trip, we picked up the book Pinkalicious, which Bethany loves. (I can't lie, she probably loves it because I love it.) Rebekah loves getting in on the reading action, too! Matthew and I are both praying we're raising a couple of book lovers!

Halloween Prequel

Halloween is in the air, and we've been working hard on the costumes for this year. Won't ruin the surprise... instead, here's Bethany in her costume from last year. Still oh-so-cute.


With our little teether, Matthew and I have been living for moments like these. We will be so happy when those teeth finally poke through! (As will Bekah, I'm sure.)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Been Tagged

My buddy, Mike, tagged me for this a while ago... I've been meaning to do it, and am finally getting around to it!

5 Things we're thankful for:
1. Bethany - Having her cousin, Jonas, around every day to play with.
2. Rebekah - Having a big sister that cracks her up pretty regularly.
3. Bethany - Taggies, taggies, and more taggies.
4. Rebekah - The swaddle blanket she NEEDS to go to sleep.
5. Me - Having 2 sweet girls that bring their parents a lot of joy!

7 Things about us:
1. Bethany - When she sucks her 2 middle fingers, it's ALWAYS with her left hand, to the point that she's developed calluses on her fingers.
2. Rebekah - She's gotten so used to her feedings being interrupted (due to the toddlers) that now she interrupts them herself to look around and see what everyone is doing.
3. Bethany - She has weird phobias of dogs, darkness, spiders (my mom's Halloween spider on her porch), and moving vehicles when she's walking across the parking lot or street (if she sees a car, she needs to be carried).
4. Rebekah - She's a finger sucker like her sister, but is settling on sucking her first 2 right fingers. We'll see if that lasts!
5. Bethany - She's had her daddy put her to bed almost every single night for her entire life.
6. Rebekah - She prefers to see everyone. Ideally, she wants to be held facing outward, or laying on her stomach with her head up. Usually, if she's somewhere she can't see you, she's crying.
7. Me - To me, Rebekah doesn't look alive when she's sleeping. I've woken her up I don't know how many times because she looked dead to me. However, I don't remember ever being worried about that with Bethany.

There you go! All my known bloggers have already been tagged... so the road stops here.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Photo Booth 2

Bethany's a girl after my own heart... whatever that means. Check out Photo Booth 1 here.

Drama Queen

These 2 pictures were taken less than a minute apart this morning. Bethany would get an A+ in acting class.

Actual Birthday

I was lucky enough to spend Jonas's actual birthday with him. It turned out to be a beautiful day, so we spent most of the morning on the playground! Then we saw Mommy for lunch, and got in a good nap before Daddy came. Both my girls love Jonas - we're so thankful they're able to see him so often! He's a great little boy!!! (By the way, I bet you can't help but smile seeing Rebekah's grin!)

Happy Birthday, Jonas!

We had so much fun celebrating Jonas's birthday on Sunday. He got lots of Cars stuff!!!

Which Bethany was very impressed with...

and more than a little jealous of when she was told they weren't hers.

Happy birthday, Jonas. We love you tons!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Look at my Feet!!

Chuck E Cheese Please!

Bethany had a great time playing at Chuck E Cheese....but who is that guy in the car with her?!?