Saturday, August 30, 2008

Roberts Babies

We had a Roberts girls reunion this weekend. No boys over 2 allowed. I love that there's 2 kids Rebekah's age! (There's 2 kids Bethany's age, too, but Brenin couldn't come.) We amused ourselves at the petting zoo, having a scrumptious picnic, and playing games. It's so much fun catching up with old friends. And look at the overwhelming cuteness when we get our babies all together.

Matthew's in Flordia for the weekend for Dawn and Blair's wedding - representing our family. Congrats!!! Love you and wish we could have been there!

Make Way For Bethers

Jonas sat in Bekah's car seat and spread his legs as far as he could to make room for Bethany to sit in front of him. Bethany sat right down! They love each other tons.

Rebekah Rolls

Rebekah is so cute. I love it when she gets her head way up while she's on her belly. She is getting so strong.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bottle Wars

This is what happens when the kids should be outside, but instead are left to their own devices inside.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Count with Bethers

Learn to count with Bethany!

A Real Princess

Bethany was reminiscing today and wore her flower girl dress all afternoon. During a stroll around the block, a neighborhood boy asked, "Is she a princess?!" I was tempted to say yes, but decided not to confuse the poor boy. No denying Bethany's beauty after a comment like that though!

Rolling Over

As of last night, Rebekah has officially mastered rolling over! Last Thursday, she let out her first real giggle. She's such a fast learner.

Army Training, Sir

Our cousin, Paul, is headed to the army in September, so we had a big farewell bash. Lots of family pool time and good snacks. Paul even managed to win Bethany over. And he got some cuddle time with Bekah, which wasn't handed out too readily last weekend. We'll miss you, Pauly, and we love you!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Skull Fracture

That title sounds pretty scary, doesn't it? Friday was our first visit to the ER with one of our kids. Rebekah fell off the kitchen table and hit her head. When she wouldn't stop crying, I freaked out. Sarah came with me to the doctor's office, then to Children's hospital to get a x-ray. That came back showing a skull fracture. At that point, we went to the ER and got her in for a CAT scan. Thank God, there's no internal damage, and although she's probably suffering from headaches, there won't be any long-term effects. So she's fine!! We couldn't feel more relieved!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fantasy Island

We took a trip to Fantasy Island today. Bethany had such a good time! She went on all the rides she could, and was very brave. Her favorite ones were ones that went fast (surprisingly enough!). The bug ride and boat ride were by far her favorites, and she asked to go on them over and over. Other rides, such as the tea cups, were a little too boring for her, and she just sat back and relaxed. She was a little hesitant to go in the cold water in the water park too much, but she did get brave enough to go down the cool dragon slide. Overall a really fun day!

Niagara Falls

Bethany and Rebekah went to Niagara Falls on Monday to visit Grandma and Papa on their vacation. Bethany's favorite part of the whole trip was the trolley, which she learned to say and talked about for the rest of the day!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Bethany loved dancing at Uncle Mike and Aunt Mary's reception. Check it out!


Click to play Wedding

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Bethany is making her daddy proud.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Quick Updates

Guess what Rebekah did for the first time on Saturday. She laughed!! I was "dancing" with her (moving her arms around in time to the music) and she cracked up. Matt and I were so excited!

Guess what else. Bethany called her Grandma "Gammy." Up to now, both grandmas have been "Mom" (I'm Mommy), most likely because she was having trouble with the g sound, but she decided to tackle the G this weekend. Not only that, but she finally added the "aunt" to A.Sarah's name. Her vocabulary is growing so fast!

5 Years and Counting

Matthew and I celebrated 5 years this weekend! We went to the honeymoon capital of the world - Niagara Falls! My dad treated us to a hotel room for the night. We picniced, letterboxed, watched the Olympics, lazed around, went out after 9:00... it was a blast. I've been blessed with the best husband ever!

Friday, August 8, 2008


How fast is Rebekah growing??

Opening Ceremonies

We had an Olympics party at our house tonight. Bethany helped paint the Olympic mascots for our cake. That eventually turned into painting everything in sight. And then it became running through a puddle of finger paint on the porch to make footprints. But it was well worth the mess!! We enjoyed watching the opening show in Beijing - Go USA!!!!

So Sweet

I am so blessed to have girls as sweet as these. Bethany makes such an effort to take care of her sister; you can tell she's already trying to protect her, and Bekah loves every minute of it!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Random Rebekah

Have I told you lately that Rebekah has the cutest smile? Well, she does... and I love the way her tongue is inevitably involved in every grin.

Bisons Game

We enjoyed $1 ice cream and popcorn Monday night at the Bisons game. Bethany and Rebekah were not paying attention to the game (obviously), but the Bisons were stinking anyway. Then we left, and apparently they had an amazing comeback. Again. We should probably stop leaving games early. Or start going more and leaving early, depending on how superstitious you are.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Bekah likes the water fountains too!

Work Day

After our Lockport outing, we headed to U.Mike and A.Mary's house to help try and make their house livable for next week. As in help, I mean we tried to keep Bethany out of everyone's hair. Which basically just means we sat around and watched everyone else work, and got free pizza for it. Bethany loved singing "Head, shoulders..." with her Grandma though!


I haven't been to Lockport in ages, so it was tons of fun seeing the canal locks again! We watched the tour boat go through both locks, and Bethany waved happily at all the people on board. The water pouring out of the lock back into the canal was quite a sight, and lead Bethany to exclaim "bubbles!" I think those bubbles impressed her more than the locks themselves. We then headed to the canal museum, which was amusing, and climbed up a really cool staircase back up to the street and our car.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Chestnut Ridge Park

We went hiking for 2.5 hours today!! Chestnut Ridge Park has some beautiful trails. The ones we did were a little hard for Bethers, but she walked what she could. Matt and I got quite a bit of exercise, and found a bunch of letterboxes. We rewarded Bethany with some time on the playground, and got home before the thunderstorm!

Friday, August 1, 2008

New Friends

"Uncle" Andy came all the way from Rochester just to have dinner with us tonight and meet little Bekah. They were fast friends!

Bath Time

Rebekah got a special treat yesterday when Daddy gave her a bath!

Caz Park

Bethany is not usually a fan of being splashed on, but she couldn't resist the fountains at Caz Park!

Water Time!

Bethany had a great time playing in the water fountains, and invented this funny walk!