Thursday, August 30, 2007

Busy Weeks...

Bethany is loving having Grandma Lafferty up for the weekend. She gets so much extra attention! By the way, scroll all the way down the page because new pictures are added throughout our vacation again! To all those praying for us this week: Matthew is home from his surgery, which went very well. He's sleeping now, and hopefully will be until morning. It's going to be a week to 2 week recovery, so keep the prayers coming!

Friday, August 24, 2007


Bethany and Jonas had a great time painting together! They are both pretty talented.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Central Park

*** There are a lot of new posts added, so make sure you look back far enough! Videos and new pictures of our vacation will be added shortly!!***We had such a fun picnic dinner in Central Park. Bethany got to see all the joggers, and enjoyed trying to get in their way. She also had a chance to play with Evann's parachute, and make me really want to get her one! Evann was such a good big cousin, and entertained her and let her use all her toys. Thanks, Evann!


The second half of our vacation was spent in NYC. Thankfully, Bethany slept the whole plane ride. (Her first time sleeping on me in over a year, by the way.) Why is she naked, you ask? Because as we were taking off I felt my shorts become warm and wet. So we changed Bethany in our seats halfway through take off. Honestly.We stayed with U.Tim, A.Jane and Evann, and got to see a Yankees game! Saturday we went to the children's museum - one of Evann's hangouts. Bethany had a great time figuring out all the toys and watching the other kids play. She's a smart girl, my Bethany.

Cantwell Cliffs

We saved the hardest hike for last, and didn't really finish it. But, it was really beautiful, and I hope to do it for real one day. This was the only hike Bethany didn't walk, and Grandpa and Daddy were troopers carrying her everywhere!

Cedar Falls

Or not. After G&G Sirgey left, we did the Cedar Falls hike. Got to the end, and no falls! We figured as much.Mommy and Daddy did a bunch of letterboxing throughout the trip, and Bethany loved helping out!


Tuesday afternoon we took a break from hiking. Bethany played some cornhole... she's probably the only one who got close to beating her dad! Then we went to Lake Logan to go swimming. Bethany walked right in, clothes on and all.

Old Man's Cave

There's a reason Old Man's Cave in the most popular attraction in the parks. It's amazing! Bethany's favorite part was all the boardwalk bridges... she loved running across them. It's also amazing how someone so little can move so fast.

Hocking Hills Pool

We ended our second day with a very refreshing swim in the pool. Even Bethany enjoyed it! She had everyone "swimming" her around, and really wanted to go down the slide. Maybe when she's older...

Ash Cave

After a yummy picnic dinner, we hiked Ash Cave. Gorgeous! There's tons of sand at the cave, and Bethany sat down and played in it for a while.

Conkles Hollow

We realized in Conkles Hollow that this dry season meant hardly any water in the area. Although Bethany loved picking up sticks and throwing them over the boardwalk into the little stream that's managed to survive. This was a pretty easy hike... so Bethany did A LOT of walking. What an energetic little girl.

Rock House

Is this the longest I've gone between posts? Quite possibly. I'll make up for it now by doing 50 posts in a row. We're back from vacation! We went with both Matt's and my parents, and G.Faye was there for a couple nights, too! We started down in the beautiful Hocking Hills area of Ohio - "the scenic wonderland of Ohio." We rented a private cabin with all the amenities, what fun! Here's a sample of what we experienced the entire way to Ohio.

First stop: Rock House! We did this hike Sunday night... started off with a challenge, I guess. Bethany was a little nervous in there because it was so dark, but once she saw Mommy and Daddy doing it she felt better.
For some reason, I didn't take a ton of pictures, so I'll let you know when I add everyone else's to these posts!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


We're headed off on vacation. Lots of posts (Sarah-style) when we get back!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Ball Game

Uncle Mike and Aunt Mary had tickets to the Bison's game yesterday, so Bethany and I got to go with them. Bethers was unusually mellow - probably due to a missed nap!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dusty Bottoms

Bethany and I found ourselves without a car today, so we headed down the street to our park. It was nice and hot, and we went straight for the water! Thankfully, Bethany isn't as enthusiastic in water as Jonas, because the bottom is VERY slippery... so she mostly sat and splashed. We left dirty, but refreshed.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Quite a Character

Some days everything Bethany does just makes me laugh. Today was one of those days.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bethany's Famous!

Bethany went on the Tami Memorial Walk with Grandma yesterday, and got her picture taken for the Buffalo News! How exciting!

Friday, August 3, 2007

What IS This?

Bethany found one of my old cassette tapes today... and with that, you should see where this is going. (Jonas thought she was pretty funny. Bethany's going to miss him a lot these next 2 weeks!!!!)

New Cousins and Food

Bethany finally got to meet Geoff and Claudy on Wednesday - and she's getting a new cousin in January!! Congrats! Bethany is oh-so-excited. Yesterday we went to the park for lunch. Bethany enjoyed the end of my sub, and loved being able to see Daddy in the middle of the day!In the evening we went to watch Uncle Mike's hockey game. When he lost, we all went out for ice cream to cheer him up. (At least that was our excuse.) Grandpa gave Bethany the bottom of his cone... yummy.Come on, Daddy, don't you want a kiss?